And The Winner Is...

From last week’s Footrace of the Maladies, a fight to the finish for the Championship of Underling Causes of retina-searing special effects, eyelid twitches, and otherwise annoyingly exhausting symptoms…

A death-defying photo finish, sorted out by the outstanding modern medical community:

Ding, ding, ding.

The winner is:

Thyroid flare by a hair, followed a close second by seasonal allergies.

That dumb gland loves to dance in my neck.

Tap, polka, tango, river. You name it. It’s doin’ its trophy-worthy, bi-yearly jig and demanding a medication adjustment before it sends me into coma-ville for two months.

The trouble with thyroid exhaustion is that I always have something else to blame the exhaustion on—some other drama, trauma, or turmoil that appears to be in the lead on the race track. But alas, the gland won out.


New medication dose on board (takes several weeks to reach full effect, so, a hurry-up-and-be-patient deal).

Allergy medication on board (making me extremely thirsty and a bit medicine-heady).

But hopefully, by this time next week, I’ll be firing on more than one cylinder.

I’m so thankful that Far-Off Lab and Local Lab didn’t “mishandle” my bloodwork redraw.

I am beginning to wonder what they may have done with the extra three tubes of “just in case” blood. Little Miss Muse wonders, too.

At any rate, short and sweet this week while the Footrace of the Maladies winners cool down on the sidelines. I’ve two self-imposed publishing goals to hit by Friday:

1. A new collection, Volume 3 of All the Feels, done and into cyberspace (meaning my muddled brain has to tackle InDesign and remember what it did on the previous volumes).

2. Mailing list setup. Oh joy. More learning. Learning is fun. I love learning. Just not so much a fan of the techy-learny stuff.

Stay tuned for the release announcement and a cool offer for being on my not-quite-ready-yet mailing list.

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