Deck the Ducks

I’ve written before about my duck problems. These never seem to go away. I guess ducks and the lines they do or do not form are inevitable. Like death and taxes.

Ducks not in rows.

Ducks swimming in the wrong ponds.

Distracted ducks.

Drunken ducks in daffodil patches.

And now, evidently, the calendar has dumped us in December where ducks must be decorated, shopped for, lit up, and hung over the mantel.

If you followed along a couple of weeks ago, you know our little family got hit with some long, drawn-out COVID chaos. Me in October. Then Mom in November (she didn’t get it from me). Now Hubs in the merry month of holiday cheer (he didn’t get it from me or Mom).

It appears we’re doing a good job of staying away from each other’s germs (or inhaling just the right amount of Lysol), just not the rest of the world’s ‘rona crud.

And now my back is squawking from chasing ducklings, ducks, geese and other uncooperative fowl that jump on the to-do list. I’m typing this standing up, waiting for the anti-inflammatory to kick in. Threw the ice pack in the freezer and I’m scheduling some quality time with that icy friend in an hour or so. Gonna be an interesting day…

So, another placeholder blog of sorts while I keep my blogging streak alive and while we figure out which ducks infiltrated our line without the proper paperwork, which ducks waddled off, and which ducks should be decorated.

A few ducks need to be paid off and shipped out of the country.

Until next week, here’s wishing you health and peace and happiness while you deck your own ducks.

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