For All Your Holiday Escape Needs…

The holidays are coming.

And boy, will they look different this year. Massive election stress hangs over our heads and will likely continue to hang over our turkeys come Thanksgiving.

Add to that the never-ending game of dodge-a-virus and things get really interesting.


There’s a way to escape.


Escape the politics. Escape the virus of doom. Escape Aunt Agnes and her cheek-pinching, butt-smacking greeting-at-the-door. Escape Uncle Abner’s fruit cake takes. The screaming from the kids’ table.

The teens with their faces in their phones.

The fire in the kitchen.

The cat that just piddle-pawed his way through the sweet potatoes, dragging marshmallow topping across Great-Grandma’s vintage lace tablecloth.

Throw in the dishtowel. Let the pumpkin pie smolder.

Run to your bedroom.

Or the bathroom. Or the cellar. (We don’t judge here).

Slam the door.

Escape it all… For just a moment:

Taken from WMG Publishing’s Kickstarter Description:

“…this year the WMG Holiday Spectacular is back, with 37 brand new and original stories by over two dozen top fiction writers. This year subscribers will get the first story on November 26th, 2020 and then a new story EVERY DAY through January 1st, 2021.

That's right! A Brand New Original Holiday Story Every Day!”

In advent-calendar style, a new story in your in-box each day. And this year, the stories don’t stop with the New Year. Also available are shorts for February and October 2021, again with stories delivered to your in-box.

I’ve got a couple of tales tucked in this special event, but I can’t tell you which ones or when they’ll pop up—I don’t even know what day my stories are slotted for.

That’s the fun.

Each day a new surprise.

Each day a new short story told by pro writers who grab you by the imagination and transport you, well, somewhere else.

So take a gander at the Kickstarter—You’ve got until November 17th. Read the dates on the specials carefully, some options are for 2019’s tales. Others are for this year’s advent. You can get just the calendars in email/electronic form or you can get the books, too, once they’re ready next year.

Keep an eye out here or on the Facebook feed for more announcements about this amazing project and for B.A. Paul and Little Miss Muse to get their collective act together for their own project announcements coming soon…

Have a great week!

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