Hold That Thought

2020 has been a real gem, has it not?

Toilet paper shortages.

Travel bans.

Murder hornets.

Fires ablaze.

Cancelled plans.

And that blasted virus.

Which my mother picked up in the course of caring for others. Bless her heart. She’s been hospitalized and is having a dastardly time of it.

Due to my limited thought capacity and lack of time and energy, this is a placeholder blog.


Because I’ve not missed a blog since I started this thing over 100 blog posts ago. And streaks are a powerful thing, I’ve been finding out.

Well over a year ago I wrote an “Emergency Blog” post that Web Guy has in the case of an emergency. I almost pulled that card. But nope. I’m pounding this update out as I sit and wait on news from the hospital. Because that emergency blog would be like not writing a blog.

It felt like cheating.

And I like this corner of my writing world.

Even when my self-imposed goals and deadlines have gone to the wayside, this little spot keeps ticking along. It feels a normal part of life now. “Gotta get the blog done.” “Gotta plan out the blog.” “OOH! What a cool idea for a blog…” You get the idea.

And as I quarantine AGAIN, alone in Mom’s house waiting for news, I needed this little corner. This tiny bit of normal.


Next week, you’ll get a free fiction short story. The following week another short update or I might be back at it. Time will tell.

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But the streak continues. No missed posts. Blog 109.

Now, if we can just get mother on a streak with her breathing and energy levels, we’ll show COVID who’s boss…

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