Kiss It Goodbye

This past year’s been a doozy, right?

Soon (if they haven’t already) the major networks will start their year in review of photos and video clips of major happenings. Any other year, I’d likely watch a couple of those broadcasts. Sit on the couch with a cat and a fuzzy blanket and go, “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that” or “Wow. Did that happen this year? Seems so long ago…” and other such comments as are necessary when one reviews a whole year’s content in a half-hour production.

I think I’ll skip it this year, though. Kiss that tradition goodbye.

Then there’s my own typical reflection time of “what did I accomplish in the last twelve months?” I had goals on 1/1/2020 that never materialized. Other goals took front-and-center. Goals like routine sanity-saving walks in the rain, watching over my “most vulnerable citizens,” and generally surviving multiple COVID quarantines and still be married on the other end...

And being okay with only accomplishing that. That goal of watching and surviving and saving brain cells for the next battle.

I gave myself a huge gift and kissed the yearly routine of rehashing what did and didn’t get accomplished in this year from Hades goodbye.

Kissed it real hard.

And we all know down deep in our knowers that 2021 will hold no more or less magic than we all thought 2020 held on December 31, 2019. The virus, political upheaval, and social injustices won’t vanish because the ball drops just right, the clock strikes a certain tone, or the fireworks crackle and pop just so. 1/1/2021 will not be much different than 5/2/2020 or 9/23/202, or any other random day we could choose from the calendar.

Unless we choose it to be different, that is.

We can choose productivity instead of procrastination.

We can choose joy over growling about how bad things are.

We can choose new adventures in new directions in new hobbies (or resurrect old loves).

We can choose. Despite what the media shows us. Despite what the forecast says. Despite the numbers and graphs and charts that have been thrust in our faces every time we see a screen.

We can choose. In our own little corners.

We can choose how we respond.

By the time this blog posts, we’ll spend only four more days in 2020, give or take. We get to choose how we spend these last moments of this “unprecedented, uncertain, tumultuous” year. Backward-bemoaning or forward-reaching.

Then, at 11:59 on 21/31/2020 or thereabouts, we can choose to say audios to 2020 in joyful remembrance or raging regret, in angst or exhilaration, in flamboyant hilarity or in despair. We can choose.

Good riddance.




And then kiss it goodbye.

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