Would You Be My Guinea Pig?

If all things held strong and stable over the last couple of weeks (my recovery, the weather, the wifi and that blasted squeaky gallery wall) there should be a nifty new tab at the tip top of this blog. It should say Newsletter.

Under that tab should be a way to sign up with your email and get a free copy of my story “The Dragonfly.”

Would you try it out?

Be my guinea pig? Pretty please?

Help me work out the kinks and knots and tangles.

Because, if you’ve followed the blog for any length of time, you know how I am with processes that require more than a couple of steps (or anything written in recipe format and requiring the application of heat).

And getting this newsletter thing set up required, well, about fifty steps.

Now I realize that there was probably a quicker, more direct way to upload the story manuscript into a delivery system, compose an email, comply with all the email regulations set for business dealings, get that email to send, make sure the story manuscript is in a file format my dear readers can enjoy on any device (pdf, mobi, epub) and get the links in the right spots.

Clickable, useable links, not ones leading to a dead end. And not ones that lead to Amazon’s amazing daily deal on crockpots that you can sync to your phone (this product requires the application of heat AND employs digital setup, so that’d be a hard pass on my end...).

But I’m a novice at this publishing world stuff and apart from hiring someone to do it (and that taking hours upon hours to try to explain what I truly don’t understand) or asking thirty different folks I met in the Vegas writing workshop how they did it and would they fly to Indiana mid-pandemic to help me out, I muddled through.

Fifty steps worth or so.

But hopefully, on your end, it’s just a couple of clicks.

Click the button in the Newsletter menu.

Enter your email.

Check your inbox for a BookFunnel notification (if your inbox has strong filters, BookFunnel may have gone to spam). Open the BookFunnel email and follow the link to get your free download.

Four or five clicks for you. Fifty for me.

Pretty please be my guinea pig and let me know via [email protected] or on the Facebook message string for this blog announcement that it worked (Yay! Thank you very much). Or that it didn’t work (Thank you for your patience, and I’ll start the bug fixes).

Cheers! And thank you so much in advance.

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